Group Income Protection

How long will you continue to pay your employees if they are on long term sickness?

Can they survive on State Benefits alone?

Increasingly, employees see long term sick pay (income insurance) as a valuable benefit as part of an employment benefits package, helping to match the benefits offered by larger employers.

What is Income Protection Insurance ?

An Income Protection Plan is designed to provide the families of your employees with the means to pay their bills in the event that your employee is unable to work due to injury or ill health.

Over two million people annually are off work for six months or more through accident or illness, and the most painful part is usually the financial problems this creates. A few days off work with a cold or flu may be OK. However, even the most understanding employer’s sick pay soon comes to an end.

Would you find that State Benefits have been reduced to a point where they become meaningless? Or that your savings have dried up? If you are self-employed, you are particularly vulnerable – your business could suffer.

Unfortunately this could happen to you – statistically you have a 1 in 15 chance of being off work for six months or more each year. And it does happen to 2 million of us every year! If it does, you will appreciate having the foresight to arrange Income Protection Insurance.

Remember, you can protect yourself from financial problems. An Income Protection Plan can ensure that your bills will be paid. You can determine the level of cover you need and we will continue to review your benefits and premiums to ensure that they are appropriate to your needs, and that your level of benefit is neither too high nor too low

Contact us for further information. Your Premier Healthcare Management Consultant will gladly explain the options and benefits available.


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for your advice and support in arranging both our Death in Service and Private Medical Insurance cover. Premier Healthcare clearly have a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the healthcare field and it was re-assuring to know that we were in capable hands. My numerous requests for advice and information were dealt with promptly and efficiently and we are very grateful that you were able to obtain very competitive prices for both our schemes."
C Froude, Bristol